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News - 01.09.2023

New season product umbrella for sale and to the products clock and grandfather clock was added glass
Update - 30.08.2023
Version: V 3.181

Hotfix for warning when there is no contract · new warning if target is full
Update - 18.08.2023
Version: V 3.180

new record: highest stock of goods · no multiple entries in finance records · new ranking: profit/net worth · while sending large quantities, smart truck selection and warning if no supply contract · multiaccounts in company profile · more details when selling buildings · expired shelf life on trucks or returning from wholesale additional info · more bugfix
Update - 09.07.2023
Version: V 3.170

Hotfix : Display under bank and consortium contribution were not correct
Update - 24.06.2023
Version: V 3.170

Facebook removed · Advertising cookies only without Plus · Change all your own ATs to Own Products via Price · sorting production building stats · Citymap building selection · Hiring 0 students in the training center results in max number · Reset now possible with simultaneous bankruptcy + levelup · When advertised player companies reach level 1, the advertiser gets 500 Schottis. Additional payment for the companies 18877, 18953, 21525, 21658, 291