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Update - 09.02.2024
Version: 3.21.0

  • Own products revised including AT changes
  • Prices reset for own products that did not correspond to the (old) standard
  • Select all boxes for incoming and outgoing vehicles (PLUS)
    New rules for automatic transports (*click* for details!):
  • Minimum price for internal automatic transport: 10% Local
  • Minimum price for external automatic transport: 50% Local
  • Internal AT prices must not be higher than those to customers
  • No limit for manual shipping
  • Many bugs fixed:
  • Statistics recording at 00:01 given more time, town hall display at 00:01
  • Pinboard, organizer shipping menu, red-green shelves, Discord chat link
  • Login error during disposable address verification
  • Own GM products, product overview filter, raw materials in store
  • Hotfix - 22.12.2023
    Version: 3.20.3

  • Less loading time during training or when employees are busy
  • New filter in the vehicle depot for missing drivers
    Many bugs fixed (*click* for details!):
  • Invitation link corrected for recommendations without email
  • Advertising tower gives 10 reputation and not 5 as described in the shop
  • Too many employees in buildings (hopefully this will also fix many slot errors)
  • Live animals do not belong in cold storage, including dogs and cats
  • Use a parked vehicle at wholesale
  • Warning low shelf life for actively cooled goods 24 hours too early
  • Vehicle depot instead of training center in the bank statement
  • English punctuation marks on the bulletin board for team announcements
  • Buttons disappeared in the shop when an action was canceled
  • News car transport failed at 11:40 p.m. always showed Reibach
  • Company profile: Company since 1970 and stamps cover offline days
  • Consortium profile floors in the founding phase
  • Special displays and refrigerated shelves in stores now remain if the goods go bad
  • Hotfix - 05.12.2023
    Version: 3.20.2

    Fix critical error in autotransport systemIf system was not sure which final-product to choose, it could send non-existing products with 0 shelf live.
    Now it will choose the product with largest quantity in storage before
    Hotfix - 02.12.2023
    Version: 3.20.1

    Featureshop Bugfix
    Update - 01.12.2023
    Version: 3.20.0

    Manual shipping does less if truck or plus is missing · Return shipment from WS to other buildings · Sell features (PLUS) · Account settings for less spam or intelligent ATs · Blood pressure monitor and mulled wine · Some merch with bonus codes